While drilling a hole at home we move the drill to the material where we need a hole but drilling in a machine shop using a drill press is slightly different as the material to be drilled is placed in a vise and secured underneath a drill head that moves up and down.A machine shop is a workshop where huge and influential machine tools and equipments are used to cut, shape, drill, and finish metals, plastics, glass, wood and other similar materials. In milling machine, the work material moves in opposition to a rotating cutter. Grinding recovers the exterior of the material being machined; smoothes the rough edges, and ensures the uniformity of surface.  The fundamental machining procedures carried out in a machine shop may seem normal and easy, but they have a huge influence on the improvement of modern society.  Some principal machine shop processes are:  TurningTurning is performed on a machine 3D Socks Knitting Machine names as lathe which has a revolving spindle to hold the raw material.  MillingMilling of solid materials requires a horizontal or a vertical milling machine, depending on the orientation of the cutting tool.  

Whereas, there are numerous specialized machine shop processes that are specific to particular industries, there are a few fundamental machine shop processes that are general and used commonly in most of the machine shops.  DrillingDrilling with a drill press in machine shop is a comparable process to the drilling done during do-it-yourself projects at home. Machining means to create a useful component (such as an engine block) from raw materials like aluminum, iron, glass etc.GrindingGrinding is one of the last but very important processes in machining of materials. When the raw material rotates, different tools are employed to cut, shape and drill the material; for instance, to convert a simple cylinder of plastic into a tapered and shaped table leg. The procedures carried out in a machine shop are several elementary processes essential for the functioning of a developed society.

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