Boxers tend to be made of woven cotton, which is especially cool and comfortable in warm-weather months. 

Anatomical Pouch
Another new trend in men's underwear is the anatomical pouch. An anatomical pouch is similar to a contour pouch except it is seamless. An anatomically correct pouch follows the contours of the gentleman's package, so it is much more roomy ' and thus more comfortable ' to wear. This is definitely an up-and-coming trend. Of course, Spanx has established itself as a popular women's shapewear brand, but now it is taking on the men's shapewear category. Men's underwear made of microfiber is very popular today. All men's underwear pretty much falls under one of these four categories. 
Another new brand in the men's shapewear category is Spanx. 
Much of today's new underwear for men features an anatomical pouch. This men's shapewear flattens bulges like a girdle, but is masculine enough to wear as a traditional undershirt. When it comes to men's underwear, it seems like comfort will never go out of style. Men's shapewear creates a sculpted, confident appearance comfortably.  
Men's underwear today has all kinds of comfort-related features such as soft, plush-backed waistbands and heat-set logos that prevent skin irritation and chafing. 
Comfort First
Whether you prefer the loose fit of boxer shorts or want something more supportive such as the basic white brief, men want to feel comfortable in their underwear. Spanx has just introduced a men's undershirt that looks a lot like a traditional undershirt, but actually provides slimming support. Knit cotton is extremely soft and may be worn at any time of the year. Comfort is a long-enduring trend that has stood the test of time. Yes, believe it or not, men are now wearing shapewear. 
Shapewear for Men
Another up-and-coming trend in men's underwear is shapewear for men. It smoothes out fatty bulges, love handles and pot bellies to create a sleek appearance. Sport Socks Knitting Machine
Men's underwear is often made of stretch cotton, which has natural moisture-wicking abilities and is also extremely comfortable and soft against the skin. 
Men's shapewear creates a sleek appearance through compression.  
The one thing these four men's underwear categories have in common is comfort.  
Shapewear has long been a staple of women's wardrobes, but now men are taking a serious look at it. 
One new brand of men's shapewear is Sculptees, which features an undershirt that looks like a traditional undergarment, but it's actually shapewear.  
The anatomical pouch allows for a more natural posture and less restrictive containment, while holding you forward. You will see more and more of it in the future. 
Another favorite fabric in men's underwear is microfiber nylon.  
Although new trends have emerged in men's underwear, much has remained the same, like the emphasis on comfort. Unique knitting techniques enable these garments to eliminate unwanted bulges while providing comfortable support. 
Obviously For Men makes several styles of men's underwear with anatomical pouches, including the Chromatic Low Rise Boxer PLBB-CH and the Chromatic Full Cut Brief PBR-CH.
Men's underwear can be divided into four basic categories: boxers, briefs, boxer briefs and thongs.Through the years, men's underwear hasn't changed much. Microfiber refers to synthetic fibers that measure less than one denier, making these fibers extremely fine and very soft against the skin.

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